Monday, March 30, 2009

Merisik Ring

Nah! tengoklah. This is the ring for merisik.

Gemas Railway Station

The coffee shop at the Gemas railway station. That's me in the black tudung. Seated at the same table is my eldest sister and my dad. The guy in white shirt in the foreground is my DH.

The guy in blue in the background is my BIL. This is me in front enjoying a glass of black coffee and kuih bahulu (sponge cake).

There! - my dad, sis and BIL.

I wa fascinated by this little station - like one of those small stations in England
. After all it was built during British times.

Gemas Railway station, a quaint station lost in time - nostalgic.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Malaysia Joins In On Earth Hour - Saturday, 28th March 2009

Pictures extracted from Yahoo Malaysia - read more on this article by Bernama.

What I did on Saturday, 28 Mar.'09

1. Merisik

We went to Felda Jelai for the sole purpose of 'Merisik' - put forth our intentions to choose a bride for my eldest son. The intended bride's home is in a Felda scheme in Jelai, Negri Sembilan. It was my first time going into such an area, very far inland and in a kampung environment. Sorry no pictures taken of the place.But I do have a few pictures of the nearest town - Gemas - a place I once went to when I was but a little girl. Yeah, yeah,... eons ago! Pictures of Gemas will be up later.

2. Earth Hour

We switched off all lights at 8.30pm Malaysian time for one hour to honour this moment.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gudi Kolden's Many Years Sampler

WIP on The Many Years Sampler by Gudi Kolden. See it at her blog. I know it is moving ever so slow. Well It's either a case of too tired or too lazy and most of the time both! However it remains to be one of my favourites.

SAL Isabelle Vautier Part 2

WIP on the Grand Marquoir Part 2 by Isabelle Vautier.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

2nd Bracelet

I crocheted another bracelet last night. it didn't take me long to complete it since it was the second time around doing it. This time, however, I have used white, blue, green beads and some stray brown and black ones too. I had to use the needle threader to string the beads as they were too small to do so with the needle or rather the thread was too thick to thread the beads through the needle........get my drift? For my 1st bracelet I used grey and purple glass beads but they were not visible except that they shone slightly in the sunlight. My office mates did notice the bracelet and didn't believe that I made them. However one of them did ask me how to do it. So i gave her some of my leftover yarn and she bought some crochet needles and I told her to practice the stitches first and get the hang of it. Anyway i am happy with my bracelets. So now where can I find some light coloured threads instead?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grand Marquoir - Isabelle H. Vautier

Part one of this big sampler - "Grand Marquoir" by Isabelle Vautier, a SAL for all to do. Follow this sampler on her site. Every two months a part will be revealed. However there was a slight delay for the 2nd part as Isabelle just gave birth to a cute bouncing baby girl. All in all the sampler comes in 6 parts measuring 250 x 376 points . I am stitching it on my only available leftover of 32 count linen using DMC 815.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Crochet Bracelet

I was reading Paul's blog and I came across this bracelet that he made (his apple pie caught my curiosity at first). Suddenly I had that crazy desire to want to do one too. So I went to this website that he mentioned : Future Girl and crocheted a bracelet. I didn't have any light coloured beads that could go throught the only crochet thread that I had so i had to make do with some grey and purple glass beads on maroon thread. Sadly the beads cannot be seen clearly in this photo. But all in all I am happy that I managed to do it. I think I may go out and get me some white crochet thread and definitly some reasonably sized light coloured beads that can be strung through whatever needles I have.

Oh Paul if you are reading this ........bring on the apple pie mate! I love apple pies and strawberries and raspberry cheesecake and...............