Sunday, July 11, 2010

A New Graduate!

Pictures from last year. He will be 7 years old this year ( on 31 Dec'10). Hazeeq, the +1 boy in my family - such a big boy now. To think that I took care of him when he was 4 months times flies!He has even gone for Umrah in Mekah this year!

Tea Time!

A couple of weeks ago two of my sisters and their entourage (kids, in-laws,...) flew to London/Paris for a much deserved vacation.They did what I would have done - shop till you drop . Only thing off putting was the exchange rate. That's the tea I got to remind me that once a upon a time i too had a ball of a time there - a number of times actually! They also bought some tee shirts, key chain, half a snow ball of Shakespear's birthplace in 'Stratford - upon - Avon ' fridge magnet.The tees went to my boys and DIL. The rest to moi. Oh yes I also got a Harrod's tote.

Weihenburg Contest Sampler Progress

Many months after I started on this contest sampler, this is how far i have gotten. November'10 seemed like many months to complete and I thought I could do it in a few months, give or take some lazy moments. Alas, the lazy moments seem to win over the urge to complete it in time. This is it for now, hopefully it will not take long to showcase the next progress!.