Monday, April 18, 2011


Last Sunday DH, DS and myself went to Bt Jelutong, Shah Alam to see some bungalows under construction. There were some new developments by Sime Darby ( for booking at the selling price of around RM5.2 million for a corner lot with extra land. The bungalows are beautiful but at that price! We wanted to have a look at the show house but it was closed on that day. Today I just received a call from the salesman saying that we could view it next weekend if we want to as it will be opened by then. Hmmm...may just go and see it if I have the time. Hello! Any ultra wealthy person out there who wants to buy me a house...this house?!!:)

Take a look at the photos - this is just one type. There are other types available but this one caught my eye. It is 3 storeys high and has a lift as well.