Saturday, December 19, 2009

WIP - Quaker Patchwork Sampler

I have been working on the Patchwork Sampler from the Weihenberg Group whenever I had the time after work to do so. This is my progress so far. I am afraid we will not see the full sampler as my fabric is not big enough for it due to a serious miscalculation on my part.

Birthday Present From Diane

This morning I collected my birthday present from the post office. My secret birthday exchange partner in the NNC Group was Diane from The USA.Oh how I love receiving presents.

See all the wonderful things she sent to me - A lovely birthday card, a wooden treasure chest which opens to reveal a pair of pink scissors, a clover thread cutter, DMC tapestry needles, Mill Hill beads kit, mother of pearl thread heart shaped keep, Dinky Dyes Silk Threads and a stitched pincuhion perched atop a shaker stand. Thanks sooo much Diane. The postage cost her a bomb but the presents are worth much more.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday Gift

Today's my Birthday - this old gurl is well past half a century. My 2 older boys gave the family a dinner treat at Bubba Gump, Sunway Pyramid. It was enjoyable and the food portions were huge, for my standards. I ordered Baramundi sandwich which was a disappointment and I told the cook about it. So they gave a discount on our tab. The burgers oredered by DH and DS were however delicious - so were the shrimp sandwich and fish and chips. But I must say baramundi is not a fish for cooking MAt Salleh style. BTW baramundi is ikan siakap.

Last nite at midnight, my youngest DS gave a slice of iced cake which he bought. So I had the pleasure of gorging it all by myself. DH was already asleep!

Ah yes. See all the lovely things Margaret sent to me for my birthday - 2 pieces of fabric, note pad and pen fride magnet from Lady Jane Ltd and a pretty card.They came in a zippered plastic bag all neatly tucked into a gift box.
Thanks again Margaret and to all my friends, sons and family who sent me birthday greetings and gave me birthday presents/treats.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vampire Diaries

For all of you who are following this show:

Episode 11 will be out on Jan. 14, 2010.

Hellooo! Soooo long to wait.

Can't wait to see dashing Damon in action.

Quaker Patchwork Sampler

After months of 'cross stitch' block I decided to pick up my needles and stitch again. If it had not been for the Round Robbin that I participated, I was like going mental about wanting to do any stitching. Instead I engrossed myself playing online games, staying till late at night just trying to complete them. Finally I am out of that doldrum and decided to do this Quaker Patchwork Sampler from the Weihenberg Group. I love the colours even though they are more towards the greys and greens. Sadly I miscalculated the size of the fabric required ( I don't what I was thinking when I measured it!!) and so have decided to stitch as much of the pattern as the fabric allows. So this is how far I have progressed.

Hairpin Lace Scarf

During the Needles and Craft Group meet at Bangsar Village on 7 Nov'09, Radha gave me a surprise gift of hairpin lace scarf. I was attempting hairpin lace and asked her on the group's board about joining the strips together. Little did I know that she would do one for me. That's Radha - she loves to present gifts. Thank you so much Radha. Love it and it came in handy during the cold and rainy weeks.