Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cheats Recipe - Chicken Kuzi

Here comes my agak-agak only cheats recipe for Chicken Kuzi.Please do your own estimation to the best of your ability.

Chicken - cut accordingly
Chili giling/boh (Dried chillies ground to a paste)
Red Onions
Bombay Onions (Quartered)
Fried shallots
Serai (lemon grass)
Halba (fenugreek)
Tomato Puree
Evaporated milk
Kayu Manis (cinnamon bark)
Buah pelaga (cardamoms)
Serbuk jintan putih (cumin)
Daun limau perut (kaffir lime leaves)
Salt & Sugar to taste
Ghee & Cooking oil

Blend onions, garlic and ginger.
Heat oil in pan and fry chicken pieces till half cooked.
Take out chicken pieces and put aside.
Heat ghee and oil combined.
Fry halba (fenugreek), cinnamon,buah pelaga.
Add blended ingredients.
When fragrant add chilli paste and fry .
Add chicken, tomato puree, cumin, fried shallots,milk, lemon grass and water.
Stir and salt and sugar to taste.
Dish out when chicken is cooked and the consistency of the gravy is thickened to the way you want it.
Serve with nasi gembuli and salad.

SORRY FOLKS NO PHOTOS! Try it out, put up photos of it in your blog and send me the link to your blog. If anyone can improve on this recipe please feel free to put your comments.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Little bags

I crochetted 2 bags - the supposedly pink one a couple of months back and the greenish/brown one yesterday. They look brownish after scanning. Actually the top ones has shades of pink, light blue and medium brown while the bottom ones a of medium brown/yellow/green shades.The pictures just doesn't seem to do justice to them. Anyway I was bored and was not in a mood to do any cross stitch, so I used whatever little wool (Minlon yarn) I had and voila! - a small bag measuring 6 inches by 8 inches. Something very handy to bring along when I go to Giant hypermart to buy the odd groceries. Even the pink flowers on the green bag has turned out a different colour.Oh Yes, now I am without any yarn left. I wanted to get some at Mydin today, but they didn't carry the colours/shades that I wanted.So sad....:(

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Alynn's RR

This is Alynn's RR which will be returned to the owner in due course.Alynn, I will have to find one Saturday when the post office will be opened or maybe I shall pass it to you at one of the bees whichever is earlier. Patience ya!

My RR Has Come Home To Roost

My RR has come home after having visited Alynn and Margaret. That's Alynn's contribution on the bottom left and Margaret's is above hers. Thanks gurls. They are lovely. Now I have to find another chart to fit into the blank spot.