Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hazeeq's 8th Birthday

It's Hazeeq's 8th birthday today. He had a luncheon party planned by his mum and dad at the "Arabic Food" restaurant in TTDI Jaya by his grand parents, uncles, aunties and cousins. We - DH and 2 of my DS - also joined in the merriment.DS no. 2 had classes to attend today but I brought back some birthday cake for him to taste.

The birthday cake was a moist choc cake - delicious!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Looking More Like Her Daddy!

All dressed and ready to go to TOny Romas at Sunway Pyramid - Sun. 18 Dec'11 - 11.00am.

More Pics - Sleeping Beauty!

Baby at play

That's daddy!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Baby Sleepy too!

On Virgil!

Huh! what are you saying?....make sure master's DB is doing his assignment properly!

Sleeping Poses of Nemo!

Nemo's favourite past-time!

Close-ups Birthday Exchange Gifts

Here are the close-ups of Sabariah's gifts to me.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Pics on Birthday exchange - NNC

Sorry the pictures don't seem to be in the proper order.These are supposed to come in the posting below.

Anyway happy viewing!.

NNC Birthday Exchange 2011

My exchange partner, Sabariah dropped off my birthday present yesterday evening at my place but somehow we did not get to see each other.I was just back from office and was waiting for her to come. She called when she arrived but when I answered her call, there was no answer from her end. Apparently she was already in my compund but I was not aware of it as I had left my handphone on my kitchen table and was running to answer her call . By the time I looked out from the kitchen door, she was driving off. I called her and again there was no answer. She did try to call me again and still I could not hear any response from her side. So I called her instead and when I managed to speak to her, it was only for a few seconds before the line was cut. I wonder if it was my phone's fault or hers. It could have been mine cos later at night it was beeping due to low battery power and had to be recharged.

Anyway, all that been said - I have put up pictures of her presents to me.

Sabariah gave me a mirror which she bought from her recent trip to Japan, the bag was from Thailand and the round container from Myanmar. The swarovski bead and pearl chain was handmade item and she also include an aida fabric and some embroidery thread. Thanks Sabariah was a wonderful present!