Wednesday, March 31, 2010

NNC 3rd Anniversary Meet

Date ; 27 March '10
Venue : Sabariah's house in Setia Alam, Klang.

We had a blast during the anniversary exchange. There were door gifts for all of us. Nik won the special door - a book gift from Diane, USA. I received a pink and white beaded necklace from Janet for the anniversay exchange. She in turn received mine - blue crochet bag and a cross stich chart. Coincidence! The exchange of gifts were for those members of NNC who wanted to participate - no matter if they are not able to attend the meet. I also took the opportunity to give my blue pincushion exchange partner - Paul - his gift of a pincushion and 3 blue stashes. I received my blue pincushion gifts from Usha instead. See the big crocheted pin cushion adorned with beads. Lovely isn't it. Oh did I forget to mention. We all had to make a felt flower to be included in out anniversary gifts. You can see the flowers made by the members. Put together on Zarina' quilt, they look so pretty.

Wedding Door Gift

This the door gift which was given to guests at the wedding in Singgahsana Hotel. It is a blue glass adorned with some diamante. We put in some sweets into the glass container as extras.

Bersanding - 13 March '10

The Bersanding Ceremony (sitting on the dais)
Venue: Felda Jelai Satu , Negeri Sembilan

Here you see the Groom all dressed in green ready to meet the bride.

The newly weds with me and DH and my uncle and aunty (Pak Uda and Mak Uda) from Alor gajah, Melaka.

My side of the family.

The bride's family.

Some of the cousins - DH's side of the family.

Malam Berinai - 12 March '10

Sorry the events don't seem to follow in order of date.

Malam Berinai - Henna Night - after the Akad Nikah (solemnization of marriage) & after Isya' prayers. Well the bride had already put the henna on her hands and feet a couple of days before this night. The night was celebrated and enjoyed by all with a small bersanding ceremony to bless the newly weds.

Old Friends and Recent Friends

More photos at my son's wedding.

My Sixth Form classmates - Sabrina and Wan Saripah. And me makes three! Why didn't Ailis take a photo with us?...

My friends from the Needlework and Crafts Group.

The Wedding Reception

Venue: Singgahsana Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Date: 20 March'10

We spent 2 nights at the hotel The first nite was on the eve of my son's wedding so that we can wake up early and see to the final wedding preparations by the hotel's wedding planner.That meant 'not enough of beauty sleep' and more of jitters...HAppily things went quite smoothly. We all enjoyed and the guests were thoroughly happy about the food served.

The guests of honour were naturally the in-laws entourage from Jelai, Negeri Sembilan and the orpahns from baitul Izzah from Pinggiran Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

The usherers for the wedding were my nieces and nephews and close friends.

The wedding cake is a dummy cake. The newly weds were give a small cake at the side of the tiers to cut. Here you see the cake during the rehearsal at 10.00am on the day of the wedding.

The dashing newly-weds starting the procession from the Hotel lift lobby. The flower girl (Nik Nazirah) and flower boy (Fitri) are my niece and nephew. The best man is my youngest boy - Aiman - who wanted so much to be seen in his new jacket suit like his brother. Accompanying them is also the bridesmaid who is my niece -Nik Naziah.

Some of the Usherers:

My nephews - Nazreen (left) and Irfan (right).

Usherers/ Guests

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wedding Reception - Groom's Side

We will hold our side of the reception for friends and family this Saturday, 20 March 2010.

Time & Venue: As per Invitation Card.

The wedding Card


The Hantaran

The groom sent 7 trays of gifts to the bride's family. They in turn returned the gesture with 9 trays of gifts.The gifts were all decorated by my son and me and I must say that we were pleased with the results.

Voila! Here are the gifts. The seventh tray is the one with the Telekung - sorry I didn't upload it individually but you can see it in the pictures below.

Here is the White Telekung in the square wire basket.

Oops! Pardon the mess. This picture was taken in the hotel room.

The Mas Kahwin (RM200.00), the Wang Hantaran ( RM10,000.00 in the form of Cheques) and the Ring (Platinum with a tiny diamond) - were all in one tray.

The bride's Handbag, Blouse and Slacks (hidden).

A basketful of chocolates and sweets.

Fruit Basket.


Shoes - sneakers - something that they both decided would be more practical.