Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Saturday in April

I woke up early this morning at 5.57am to do my subuh prayers and feeling rested - fell asleep last night while listening to Ustazah Rubiah's Fardhu Ain course on the CD (part of the Sunday Hajj course which I am attending).

It was a windy Saturday morning with a hint of some rain to come. In fact I loved the cool air and all I could hear was the chirping of the birds. The golf cousre was devoid of golfers and caddies.

Seeing the back lawn looking so untidy with fallen leaves as result of rain and wind from the past week,I decided to rake the leaves and leave the piles to be collected by the gardener who will be mowing the last next week. I have already cut down the gardener's duty of sweeping/raking the lawn as they are costly. I might have as well do it myself and save the money for something more fruitful. Anyway it is good exercise for me - as advised by my doctor!

You can see in one of the photos below - my cat, Nemo - who was also enjoying the morning air and adventure in the back garden.

If you notice also the stone seat is still there overlooking the golf course. Since it was put there at Arwah DH's request, it shall remain so unless of course after we move out from there, the landlord wants to remove it. It brings back memories of my DH who used to sit at the stone seat for his fresh morning air.