Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Presents from Malaysian Stitchers Group

These were supposed to come last year but there was a delay. The Malaysian Stitchers' Group organised a contest to encourage active participation and all those who were active on the board during that period of time were automatically hauled in. A lucky draw was done by the moderator for this contest and I happened to be the lucky winner. I remeber some of the members asking me to share photos of the prize when I received it. So here it is sent all the way from our organizer Zarina with the assistance from Aida. Thank you.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

First post

Hi! Hi! 1st blog post. Just changed from Yahoo to this. I wanted a change and friends have advised me to use blogspot. So here it is.

NNC 2nd Anniversary Meet - 7/2/09 at Nik's place.

Will probably put in more photos in future and also some write up. But for now here is a photo of the shrink plastic which was demonstrated by Mel at the meet. This little piece is now hanging by my PC in the office. See I have added some beads and a little rose.