Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tape Measure Cover

These 2 tape measure covers were given as door gifts during the NNC 6th Anniversary meet - compliments from Diane Merlock - our NNC member from the US.I got the green one from my goodie bag . The yellow one was a lucky draw during one of our NNC bees.

Picking up my incomplete cross stitch piece!

Here's my Vierlande 1826 pice which I believe is well past 6 years old and is still waiting for completion.

However I have made some progress of late - although very minor - but nevertheless some progress. I must strive to continue even if it is a step at a time.

A small progress!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Irdina's Sports Day - More pics!

Some more pics!

NNC 8th Anniversary Meet

Sat.4 April 2015 - NNC 8th Anniversary Meet at Yees Craft Shop, SS2, P Jaya.

Door gifts to drool over - contributions by the members

Radha's needle minder.
Tag Challenge - my contribution. Nik was the receipient of my tag and I received hers - via drawing of numbers.Nik's creative tag - a dress.
Items purchased from Bee Ee and Yee's craft shop.The blue polka dotted pin cushion was an early bird gift from Bee Ee. The empty bottle from vivien - the designed bottle top was a result of DIY demo by Vivien on the use of modge podge. I need to get some modge podge for my crafts - am thinking of decoupage!

Irdina's Sports Day

Sunday, 5 April 2015 - Sports day for the Little Caliphs Kindy at MPSJ community hall, Section 15, Subang Jaya Here are some pictures of the event for the 4 year olds. Each child took part in 2 events, hence at the end of the sports event they received 2 medals each.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

More pictures- Jerusalem

In the confines of Al Aqsa
-inside Al Aqsa
- Lunch at the hotel
-An olive tree
- On the way to visit a maqam of one of the Nabi - Nabi Yunus at Hulhol

The Wailing Wall, Baitul Maqdis (Jerusalem)

A close glimpse of the much talked about 'Wailing Wall"

Outside the gates of Al Aqsa

Through the Damascus Gate