Saturday, January 2, 2010

WIP - Vierlanden's 1826

Today I picked up an old WIP. I have decided to revive my stitching of this fantastically large sampler all done in a multi- coloured theme. It was supposed to be a SAL with a few members on the NNC stitching group but apparently only Charlene managed to complete it yonls ago! The rest of us - well .....hmm...

Hazeeq Turns Six

Six years ago I baby-sat a 4 month old baby boy till he was 4 years old and whom I came to dote. On 31 December 2009, he turned 6 years old. His mum and dad threw a birthday party at the hall of the condo where I live. Also on 12 December 2009, Hazeeq underwent circumcision. He was very brave about it on the eve of his circumcision - not knowing the reality of the procedure. But ask him about it now and he will tell you that it was quite traumatic ( I was told he screamed throughout and had to be held by his dad and another person). Thank goodness it's over and done with. This year Hazeeq starts primary one. Here is a picture of his graduation at the religious school as a six year old.

Quaker Patchwork - My Finish

This is my finished portion of the Quaker Patchwork from the Weihenberg stitching group. Since I has seriously miscalculated the size of the fabric,this is as much of the pattern that the fabric could take in. I did some modifications to the right hand edge to give it some 'closure' and all in all I am happy with the results. Sorry my scanner could not take in the edge so you will not be able to see it. Anyway i was so pleased at the design and colours used. So pretty!Happy dance!


Here' wishing to One and All, a